Monday, July 15, 2013


I was looking at my calendar today and I realized I have 5.5 months to get my world together, sort it out, and dispose of the detritus (and there seems to be more detritus than anything else!), if I want to embark on the Epic Bike Ride by the beginning of the year. That is not a lot of time considering I won’t be home all the time (because I have doggies and kitties to take care of) and the huge pile of stuff I have to do. Preparing to leave for about a year is daunting. I have to get my bike and equipment together, I have to get rid of almost everything I own and I have to arrange for storage for the rest and then get it stored. I have to get my truck working so I can use it to store stuff and then sell it.  So, maybe it's time for some lists in order to create order and eliminate panic. Lists are a good way to start a plan, right?

The first item on my mental list was to take my bike down to Recycled Cycles to get shorter pedal cranks to accommodate the wonky knee.  So today I met Trout and my bike down there and it seems the concept of shorter pedal cranks is easier said than done. First, they didn't have any 165 mm cranks in stock, but in addition I'll probably have to get a new bar that attaches the cranks to the cycle and new front cogged gear thingies (as you can see, I don't know the proper terminology) - 3 of them and then pay the labor to get it all changed out and that's probably going to cost about $300 to $400 dollars - money that I don't have.  I'm going to call REI since that's where the bike originally came from, and see if it would be easier to do it there. All in all, very disappointing and dispiriting. I really want to get on the bike and do my daily morning rides and we are in the midst of the best biking weather we get here in Seattle - it doesn't last long, and I'm sitting on my ass trying to figure out how to get it done. It's not like I have all the time in the world.

Well, at least I can start making lists.

BIKE   (Bold = already have)
Shorter pedal cranks
Bike lock
Front basket
Tire pump
Water bottles
Water bottle cages
Extra tire tubes
Tire repair kit
Bicycle tool (the kind like a Swiss army knife?)
Back wheel fender ( for all-weather riding)
Toe cages?
Panniers (thank you to Ryan, my BH)

Polarized sunglasses
Short sleeve top (wicking)
Long sleeve top (wicking)
Fleece top
Waterproof windbreaker
Bike shorts
Bike pants
Bike gloves
New Ipod or MP3 player

Furniture - 3 chairs, 3 bookcases, stereo, stereo cabinet, dresser, gazelle freestyle elite, leaded glass cabinet doors, bedside end table/cabinet, small rolling B/F cabinet.
Ironing board and iron
Tote bags
Kitchen stuff
Brand new white Kitchenaid mixer still in box
Massage table

Tangerine Kitchenaid mixer
Tangerine Kitchenaid blender
Sewing machines
Down comforter

Fix truck
Sell Truck
Sort, sell, donate, store…
Make route maps
Get references for
Get my phone switched to my new Iphone (courtesy of the dazzling Sandi Day) then switch to cheaper service with internet capability 

I know I'm missing a lot here, but I'll use these lists as a starting point and add to them as I need to. What I don't have listed is all the quilts I have in progress that I'd like to finish before I take off. I don't know that I can't finish them all but I'd like to get a few specific ones done. Oy!

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