Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Great news! I saw my doctor today and I am off the Coumadin! O happy day! (I apologize for excessive exclamation.)  In three or four weeks I'll go back for some routine blood tests and one to check if I have the same genetic mutation for clotting that my mom has.

To celebrate, I stopped for lunch at Which Wich on the Ave. - they are a local sandwich shop that offers a lettuce wrap alternative. Being off the wheat I haven't been there for a sandwich in months, and having limited vegetable options while on Coumadine, I was unable to do the lettuce wrap. It was delicious, and really a treat since I haven't eaten out in so long.

Being off the sugar and wheat has been fairly easy. I have been tempted, but I just say no thanks. I was at a friend's house for 4th of July and she made a beautiful peach tart (the type of thing that is hardest for me to resist) but I said no thanks.  And one day when I had no food prepared at the house and was rushing off to work, I stopped and got an sandwich because I knew I wouldn't make it until six, but I felt like crap the next day, so, maybe the wheat does affect me and I just never noticed before. The side benefit of this diet change, besides feeling better, is that I've lost 22 lbs. without even trying. My jeans are loose.

Next week I'll get my new, shorter pedal cranks on my bike and I am looking forward to doing a bike ride every morning. I am also looking about my place and seeing how much stuff I need to get rid of - it will almost be a full time job in itself.

Hopefully, my blog entries will become more frequent in the future.  TTFN.

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  1. Excellent news, Patti! I am glad you are making positive changes in your life - and serving as a positive role model for all of us! :) Looking forward to your next installment!